Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know About Personal Care Services.

Q: Who Needs In-Home Care?

A: Home-care can be provided to anyone who needs assistance for their daily living activities. This includes taking a bath, managing medications, walking, eating, dressing, mobility support, and other tasks that can help the person perform an activity for their everyday life.

Q: What Is Home Health?

A: Home health is a physician-ordered service provided to clients in their home and help maximize their ability to function safely at their everyday life. Many needs such as symptom and disease management, medication management, mobility, home safety issues are covered by this service. In Support Plus Personal Care, we are there to help our clients in being self sufficient and independent.

Q: What Makes Support Plus Personal Care Different From Other In-Home Care Companies?

A: Support Plus Personal Care is a minority female-owned in-home care agency in Mequon, Wisconsin. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality care required to ensure that all of our clients live comfortably and enjoy life in their own homes. We are committed to helping our patients and tailor our care solutions to meet their diverse needs, making sure that the support given is still present in every step. This commitment extends to our inclusive employment practices, as we proudly employ disabled individuals. Our services includes daily monitoring, assessment, reporting, and any services that can help achieve normalcy in the household.

Personal Care Worker services are eligible to individuals diagnosed with various conditions, including but not limited to lower back pain, arthritis, hypertension, heart diseases, scoliosis, chronic pain, asthma, amputations, COPD, diabetes, gout, chronic kidney disease, autism, and any mental health related conditions. A referral from their primary care physician is required.

Q: How Much Does The Service Cost?

A: The cost of our services can vary, but the good news is that a large majority of the time, if you qualify and your treating physician agrees, your insurance will likely cover the expenses. We want to make sure you have a clear understanding of the costs, and we’re here to help navigate the details.

Q: What Type of Care Do You Provide?

A: At Support Plus Personal Care, we aim to be a place where our clients can get exactly what they need. We will work with you to develop a plan of care that can assist you with your ADL’s needs based on your condition and your primary physician’s orders.

For a more detailed list of the services the we offer, please refer to the following:

Supportive Care Services: Dressing Assistance, Mobility Support, Making the Bed, Running Errands, Maintaining Calendar, Plan Vacations, Washing Dishes, Taking Out the Trash, Preparing Shopping List, Gardening, Keeping the Closet Organized, and Transportation Arrangements and more.

Personal Care Services: Meal Preparation, Transportation to and from Medical Appointments, Medication Monitoring and Reminders, and Personal Hygiene and Assistance and more.

Respite Care: Scheduled Respite Care, On-the-Spot Respite Care, Day-time Care, and Night-time Respite.

VA Care: Medication Monitoring and Reminders, Personal Hygiene and Assistance, Assistance with Setting Up MD Appointment, Bathing and Dressing Assistance, and more.

Q: What Are My Payment Options For Home Care Services?

A: We accept the following forms of payment for our home care services:

Medicaid (T-19) and its HMOs: United Health Care (UHC), Molina Health Care, Network Health Plan, Milwaukee County Family Care, Anthem Blue Cross Shield, and ICare
VA Benefits
Long Term Care Insurance

Q: When Are Services Appropriate?

A: Home health care is specifically designated to benefit patients that deal with chronic conditions which may be worsening or acute changes in their physical and/or mental condition.

Q: How Are Your Personal Care Workers Screened?

A: The clients’ safety and security is important to us which is why our personal care workers all undergo a hiring process. This will require them to fill out an application, pass a thorough background check, reference check, competency testing, and in-person interview before they are hired by Support Plus Personal Care.

Q: What Kind Of Training Do Your Personal Care Workers Receive?

A: All of our caregivers receives a thorough and in-depth condition-specific training. Educating our staff annually helps our staff stay up to date on emerging senior care issues and new techniques.

Q: Can I Call In My Own Referral?

A: We are happy to address any inquiries you might have for the numerous service we provide but in order to provide care, we must have a physician’s order. Talk to the doctor if you feel that you have a need for home-based services.

Q: What Should I Do When I Do Not Have the Kind of Insurance That Support Plus Personal Care Can Accept?

A: If you are having issues determining your coverage or our acceptance and if we have contracts with your carrier just give us a call at 262-420-4008 and we would be happy to help!

Contact us today to start the conversation on how our core values and philosophy of care can help you and your family.