About Us

Support Plus Personal Care is a minority female-owned in-home care agency in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, committed to delivering the highest quality care for clients to live comfortably in their homes. As a minority female-owned business, we prioritize diversity in our approach, tailoring care solutions to meet unique needs.

Inclusivity is at our core, and we proudly provide employment opportunities for disabled individuals, fostering a supportive work environment. Our dedication extends to daily monitoring, assessment, reporting, and personalized services, aiming to bring a sense of normalcy to every household we serve.

At Support Plus Personal Care, our mission revolves around a family-focused approach, ensuring clients receive care with dignity and compassion. Committed to excellence, we provide high-quality personnel, educational training, and specialized healthcare programs tailored to diverse medical and cultural needs.

Our certified nursing assistants and personal caregivers undergo rigorous screening and continuous training to maintain the highest standard of care. We empower individuals with disabilities and healthcare concerns to lead more independent lives in their homes and communities.

From morning routines to medication adherence, shopping, cooking, and cleaning, our comprehensive services aim to maintain normalcy within households. Support Plus Personal Care is your partner in wellness, dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.

Discover the Support Plus Personal Care advantage – where caring is more than a service; it’s a dedicated commitment to improving life’s quality.

Support Plus Personal Care is dedicated to enhancing the comfort and quality of life for every client through the expertise of our compassionate caregivers. Our mission is to provide the utmost quality care to those in need.

With a commitment to a family-centered approach, we aim to create a unique service that promotes a profound sense of comfort and well-being in our patients. We take pride in customizing our care solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients, prioritizing their satisfaction and well-being above all else.

Compassionate Expertise

At Support Plus Personal Care, our core is delivering compassionate expertise, enhancing clients’ comfort and quality of life.

Through dedicated and professional care, we ensure individuals receive expert support coupled with deep understanding and empathy.

Highest Quality Care

Our mission centers on the highest quality care, a non-negotiable commitment. We strive to exceed standards, delivering exceptional services that prioritize client well-being and satisfaction.

Setting new benchmarks in personalized care, we stand as a reliable and trusted personal care agency.

Tailored Approach

Our service essence is a family-centered approach, creating a distinct, personalized service fostering physical well-being, comfort, and belonging.

We respect diverse client needs, committing to tailor our care to build a supportive environment akin to an extension of their family.

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